The family stories I remember my grandparents and mother telling when I was a young girl fascinated me. Today, finding amazing facts and stories about my ancestors makes me smile knowing how much my grandparents and mother would enjoy hearing them. I can just imagine them adding the research to their repertoire of family stories.

Bringing my ancestors, your ancestors and everyone else’s ancestors back to life encourages me throughout my research. I invite you to visit often to see what I have uncovered in my family research and read the latest genealogical news in Elkhart County and beyond, along with posts filled with information I have accumulated through the years. Some of my miscellaneous research just might break your brickwall.

I am a genealogist and have researched my family and other peoples’ families across the U.S., Italy, Istria, Germany, Scotland and Australia for the past 30 years. There hasn’t been a day when I have not worked on my genealogy from the time I started unearthing my ancestors in 1981.

I have just recently started to get involved with having my DNA tested, beginning with ancestry dot com and moving on to National Geographic DNA testing. I am just beginning to learn how to read the results!

I am a member the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution, Member at Large. I am the Vice President of the Olde Vistula Road NSUSD1812 located in LaGrange County, Indiana. I am also a Member at Large of the Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic. We are organizing LGAR Arsinoe Martin Circle #78 and will be chartering in the near future. Our Circle is located in Elkhart County, Indiana.


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  1. Ken Boyce says:


    My ggg grandmother, Julian Louderman, married my ggg grandfather, Enoch Bonner in Elkhart County, IN in 1833. She reportedly passed away in 1844. I have not been able to find much information on her on line. I have found an online documentation of her marriage, an 1840 census for Enoch Bonner (presumably she was the adult female with him in 1840) and two Ancestry.com trees suggesting she was born in 1810 in Ohio and that she passed in 1844. It appears she gave to three sons, Milton, Solomon and Henry. Enoch remarried in the 1850’s and subsequently moved to Iowa.

    Any help you can offer with the Louderman ancestry (who are Julian’s parents) would be appreciated. Any Elkhart County era Bonner related finds would be appreciated too. I have a public Ancestry.com tree titled “Boyce Family Tree” should you be inclined to review it…a number of Bonner’s and Beebe’s in the Michiana area in the early to mid 1800’s.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Ken Boyce

  2. hoosierbeth says:

    Thank you Ken for finding my blog! I will look into your query and will try to find some information for you concerning the Louderman/Bonner families. Keep checking back~~I should have some ideas by tomorrow!


  3. hoosierbeth says:

    I am working on your query Ken, but figured out I can not see your public tree on Ancestry.com because I do not have a subscription. I will concentrate on finding out who Julian’s parents were and other information about her when she lived in Elkhart County. One of the old Elkhart county history books noted that Enoch and Julian were among the first couples to be married in Elkhart County.

    One question I have is if John Louderman who married Jane Stradley on Dec 24, 1835 in Elkhart County is Julian’s brother? With Julian being married in 1833 and John married in 1835, it sounds like they might have been around the same age/generation…..which made me wonder if they are related?

  4. hoosierbeth says:

    I am still working on your query, Ken. Hope to have more info for you this weekend.

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