Inside Lincoln’s Tomb

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Rub Lincoln’s nose for good luck!

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Wreath Laying in Honor of the End of Viet Nam War

The Arsinoe Martin Circle #78 Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic (Circle located in Elkhart County, Indiana) layed wreaths in honor of the end of the Viet Nam War and honoring all veterans who gave their lives, and the veterans who are still living.

We said a prayer for these brave men and women and pray for their families to find peace in their minds and hearts.

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Tea with Lincoln 2018

Bristol Library, Bristol, Indiana

Arsinoe Martin Circle 78

Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic

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Cohorts in cahoots

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Baby vs Puppy

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Favorite Photograph

Favorite Photograph


I have many photographs in my possession from the middle 1800’s all the way to 2018. With the invention of Facebook, I can highlight my pictures and tell stories about them. I entertain family, friends, and the public across Facebook’s spectrum.

My 2nd Great Grandfather, Joseph Franklin Ackerman, was a fiddler player from Harrison County, Indiana which is located on the Ohio River right across from Louisville, Kentucky. The picture I have picked out is the Ackerman family standing on the steps of their home with bespectacled Joe Ackerman proudly holding his fiddle, a serious strong man in the middle, along with Joe Junior or Ed Ackerman, another son, leaning on the strong man.

Joe Senior was born on December 10, 1846 in Floyd County, Indiana. His father and mother were born in France, and migrated to Pennsylvania where they settled and had 2 children. They moved to Floyd County, Indiana and from there, moved to Harrison County, Indiana.
Joe Sr. and sons were house painters and chicken farmers. Local newspaper kept up with Joe and his boys of what building or house they were painting that day. Further research into Joe Sr. life shows he was in the US Infantry during the Indian Wars, serving from 1869 to 1871.
Newspaper articles chronicle his comings and goings across the Ohio River visiting family in Kentucky, and family from Kentucky coming to visit in Indiana. Newspapers reported all the parties where he played his fiddle. Friends and relatives danced through the night to Uncle Joe’s fiddle playing along with his son and friend accompanying him with a banjo and guitar.


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