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My Oral Family History

I am collecting my family stories that recounted to me. Every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, the white Haviland China comes out, along with the silver service, and we would set the table. As the family sat down for the holiday meal, my mother … Continue reading

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Colonel Richard R. Burritt USMC ret. 1928-2011

My father, Richard Renato Burritt passed away at the age of 83 on July 15, 2011. Dad was a Marine for 34 years, starting from private in WWII and retiring as a Bird Colonel. He was a great motivator and  … Continue reading

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Queen of the Marines Part 2 Panama Canal Zone

 Stationed during the 1960’s in the Panama Canal Zone, my parents attended the yearly Marine Corps Ball. With the humid weather and trade winds blowing, a bouffant hairdo rarely stayed in place for more than a few hours. My mother scheduled … Continue reading

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