Beth’s Lament~~Find A Grave and

Ever since has bought Find A, I have had the ‘ public tree peanut gallery’ come and visit my memorials. They either make duplicate graves in the right cemetery, or duplicate graves in the wrong cemetery. They hook me up to other ancestors who I forgot to add, on my own. They make nicknames for my ancestors and they usually post the wrong information about them.

Live and let live, and let them play this new-fangled “genealogy game” they have discovered.  At least the “researchers” cannot “play kill” anyone in the “game”, the “game characters”  are already dead. Once a week I pick out an unsuspecting ‘public tree peanut” to email explaining that the info they have could be wrong, and offer them documented information. Sometimes I tell them how pleased I am when I see all my ancestors pictures taken from Find A Grave and ending up on their public tree with no reference to me, the original poster of the picture. I try being tolerant to other’s research practices. After all, it could be their ancestors, also.

I have only received two replies, and the first man apologized for not mentioning me. Never in my email did I allude to the fact he “lifted” my pictures. I emailed back and told him not to worry, and to enjoy the pictures any way he felt fit. I also offered 40 years’ worth of research, but he never wrote back.

The second gentleman who responded told me “it is my wife’s line,” and he was “sorry.” Whatever that means. I wrote back asking who to contact to fix the mistakes, but have received no reply.

Once a week I brace myself and check my memorials on Find A Grave. This week I find out some man decided to take three different pictures of my 3rd great grandmother’s stone, which has fallen. He even managed to get his foot in the first picture, which adds a touch of charm to the chaos.

The picture I have posted was when it was standing in all its glory. This was in 2006, and a very good picture, even if I do say so myself. The words on the stone are readable, and it is very austere standing there through the decades and century.

When I see my 3rd great Grandma’s stone laying there on the ground on my memorial page, it bothers me, especially when I already had a good picture posted. I wrote a Find A Grave public message to the man who took the broken stone pictures, and asked him if he descended from our family and if he lived in Hamilton County. I continued to explain how I was planning to come to Hamilton County probably in the spring to ask the sexton of the cemetery on how to fix the stone.

No reply from the picture taker, and I am not able to delete the pictures he posted. So there the pictures sit, taking up space for other pictures that I would like to post.

Somehow or the other, along with being politically correct, I have to figure out how to tell him that if he is not family, he doesn’t need to add to my memorial when I have already documented my ancestor.

How do I explain this genealogy concept? Is it any of my business if he uploads duplicate pictures on my memorials? Should I just accept the chaos and quit posting any genealogy on the internet?

Questions to ponder…..and it won’t matter a hill of beans if I actually come up with a good answer.




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I have been researching my ancestors, your ancestors and everybody else's since 1981.
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