Letters From Home~~Cicero, Hamilton County, Indiana

Cast of Characters:

Grace~~ My Great Grandmother Grace Louise Carson Stockmaster

Orrenda~~My 2nd Great Grandmother Orrenda M. Willes Carson

Della~~My 2nd Great Aunt Mary Dell Carson Criswell Allen

Ral~ My 2nd Great Uncle (Great Grand Uncle) James Ralston Carson Jr., DVM ( he was the Veterinarian for Hamilton County, Indiana)

Louisa~~My 3rd Great Aunt Louise Willes Clark~~Orrenda’s sister living in in Potsdam, New York

Hattie~~My 3rd Great Aunt Harriet Willes Yancey~~Orrenda’s sister living in Potsdam, New York (Louise and Hattie lived together after their husbands died)

Jany~~~Lavina Jane Flannagan Carson~~Ral’s wife

All other people mentioned in this letter are neighbors, friends, and citizens of Hamilton County, Indiana circa 1914.

This is Grace Carson Stockmaster, standing with her husband Charles Joseph Stockmaster, along with their two sons, Fred and Russell.

This is Grace Carson Stockmaster, standing with her husband Charles Joseph Stockmaster, along with their two sons, Fred and Russell.

(They don’t look too happy!?!? Grace has a little bit of a smile.)

Dear Grace,

 I found the bus for Cicero on the track and in a few moments was on my way. I reached here at 6:15. I found the door unlocked and a fire in the stove though no lights. I turned the light on and half past right Ral came in and telephoned to Calia where Jany was spending the evening. As it was raining in the afternoon, I did not go to church but went in the evening.

I find several changes. Renis has had a sale and is going to North Carolina to spend the winter. Charlie Kinter has gone to Florida. Alf Carey has bought the restaurant once run by E. Cornelius. Russel has sold his store to Girt Conway and Seca Spinely (he married Della Case) and Erv Dick has sold out and gone to Indianapolis with Oris Sythe who bought a store there. Oris Sythe has married a niece of Tom Roberts. The Hindshaws and O.C. Beals are out of the Bank and Vincent Case, Otis Russel, Ed Morris and Eli Noble with R. H. Metcalf as president and [] Teacher as cashier and A.Russel, assistant cashier.

Ben Tanner has sold out his pictures and furniture and quit the restaurant business.  Ralph Turner has moved to the Smalley Place and runs a milk wagon. Alfred Graham died Friday evening and is buried today.

 There have been no marriages I have heard of since I left, except Madge  [] and Dr. Craig. They went to the church at 3 PM with a few relatives and Rev. Jenkins said the words making them man and wife and they left for the City.  {Indianapolis}

I find on my table, papers a foot and a half high to read and half a dozen letters. One from Della and one from Hattie and Louisa. All are well and doing well. Louisa writes Hattie is well contented. She is going to try and sell the farm and move to town where it will be more pleasant for both.

Ral and Janey seem pleased to have me back and Jany has never seemed so pleasant and sociable as she is now. I hope she will continue to do so. It seems very pleasant here. She has cleaned house and a register in the floor in her room is as warm as the sitting room. They have twenty pidgeons, but have no ground floor for them but are going to fix a better hen house. He has sold his brown leghorns and some Plymouth roosters. She got one egg Saturday.

  Now write often.

Love to all,

Your Mother  O.W. Carson

Cicero  Nov 8, 1914


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