Alexander Carson and Mary Ann (Jacobs) Carson~~My Ancestors

Alexander Carson married Mary Ann Jacobs on June 5, 1848 in Hamilton County, IN.

Alexander was born 1821 in Butler County, Ohio and died Dec. 20, 1868 in Hamilton County, IN. Mary Ann Jacobs was born 1825 in Indiana and died in 1909.

When Alexander died, Mary Ann married William Deakyne. William was first married to Nancy Carson, Mary Ann’s sister-in-law, who was also Alexander’s sister. William and Mary Ann married on Nov. 12, 1872. William then divorced Mary Ann before 1880.

Mary Ann did not have any children with William. When William divorced her, he left her penniless, and this is a reason she applied for Alex’s Civil War pension.

William served in the same regiment as Alexander in the Civil War. He gave a deposition that Alex was hurt in the Battle of Stones River.

Notes on Alexander Carson:

Marriage record for Alex and Mary Ann:  Carson Alexander Jacobs Mary Ann Hamilton 6/5/1848

The Army discharged Alexander on Oct. 8, 1863 for a disability he received at the Battle of Stones River in the Tennessee. A horse’s knee struck him in the back and while in the hospital recovering from his injury, he contracted diseases, which made him an invalid until his death in Hamilton County.

The major battle he fought in was Shiloh, and he was at Munfordville, KY in various skirmishes, before Stones River.

I am going to  research more to find out about Mary Ann’s early life. Also, there is more researching to do on her children from her first marriage.



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