Submit Peck Cook Wheatley~~~My Ancestor

Submit Peck is my 6th Great Grand Aunt.
Our common ancestors are:
Benjamin Peck Jr. and Mary Sperry

My Line:

Elizabeth Louise Burritt England Thurston
Martha Stockmaster Burritt
Frederick C Stockmaster
Grace Louise Carson Stockmaster
 Orrenda Willes Carson
Wilder Willes
Sylvanus Willes
Jacob Willes Jr. and Dinah Peck Willes
John Wheatley and Submit Peck Wheatley
Benjamin Peck Jr. and Mary Sperry

Submit Peck was born on August 1st, 1722 in New London, Conn. and died on March 5th 1806, in Grafton, New Hampshire. She married twice, first to Aaron Cook and then to John Wheatley. Her father was Benjamin Peck.

Here is Submit’s obit:

Mrs. Submit, widow of John Wheatley Esq. died Mar. 5, 1806 in her 84 year

Here is Submit and John’s claim to fame:

Phillis Wheatley, a Negro poetess, born in Africa in 1755, died in Boston, Mass., December 5, 1794. She was brought to Boston in 1761, and bought by Mrs. John Wheatley, who, noting remarkable exhibitions of intellectual powers and a thirst for books in her servant, set to work to educate her. At the age of 19 Miss Phillis visited England, where she published a work under the following title:
“Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral, by Phillis Wheatley, Negro servant of Mrs. John Wheatley of Boston, New England.” Phillis received marked notice from Gen. George Washington for poems she wrote of many of his acts in public life.1


1.Genealogy of the Wheatley or Wheatleigh family. A history of the family in England and America. Hannibal Parish Wheatley. E.H. Thomas: Farmington, N. H. 1902


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