Willoughby Nugent~~My Ancestor

Willoughby Nugent was Thomas L. Nugent’s 2nd cousin who was born in 1843 in Lawrence County Indiana and died in 1871 in Lawrence County. Thomas L. Nugent’s wife was my 2nd Great Aunt, Martha (Mattie) Ackerman. The Nugent family hailed from Clark and Lawrence County, Indiana. The Ackerman’s were from Harrison County, Indiana.

Willoughby’s parents were John R Nugent and Euphemia Jennings. John R was born on Oct 5, 1811 in Clark County, Indiana and died Feb 22, 1880 in Lawrence County, Indiana. Euphemia was born on Sept. 19, 1817 in Livingston County, New York and died April 11, 1846 in Lawrence County Indiana. John and Euphemia married on April 23, 1833 in Lawrence County Indiana.

Our line:
Elizabeth L. (Burritt) Thurston
Martha Louise (Stockmaster) Burritt
Hazel Marie (Ackerman) Stockmaster
Edwin Berry Ackerman
Edwin’s sister- Martha (Mattie) (Ackerman) Nugent
Thomas L Nugent (Mattie’s husband)
Willoughby Nugent (Thomas’ 2nd cousin)

Name: Willoughby Nugent
Enlistment Date: 19 October 1864
Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
Side Served: Union State Served: Indiana Unit Numbers: 576
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 19 October 1864
Substitute in Company U, 26th Infantry Regiment Indiana on 19 October 1864.

However, while researching on the internet, I found a newspaper article/note posted on a the Nugent genealogy message board.

Willoughby Nugent, a drunken desperado, who had boasted of seducing 17 girls in Lawrence County, Indiana, was swung up and horsewhipped nearly to death at Mitchell, the other day, by a party of avenging citizens.

I was just amazed when I found these stories…. He had Distinguished Service in the Civil War, and then beaten to death in civilian life because of the crimes that he committed.

The skeletons’ bones are shaking in the closet!


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