Sources and Genealogy~~~Part 2

The Board of Certified Genealogists’ newsletter “OnBoard,” published an article written by Elizabeth Shown Mills. Mills instructs when citing a book, write the name of the author, title of book, place of publication, page (volume) number, and year of publication. For a periodical article, the name of author, title of article, title of periodical, volume number, date of publication (month and year), and page number are needed for documenting the source. Finally, to cite an original record, the title of the document, dates written or recorded, collection of names that are on the document, book/page of document (if recorded in a bound manuscript volumes), file or box and document number, and supplying the repository’s name, is required to have a complete citation. Any type of record a researcher uses must have some sort of citation attached to it (Mills OnBoard).


Mills, Elizabeth Shown. “Skillbuilding: Citing Your Sources.” OnBoard Newsletter  September 1995. Board for Certification of Genealogists. 26 April 2012


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