Sources and Genealogy~~Part 1

There are three kinds of sources in genealogy: primary source, printed primary source, and secondary source. A primary source  is created by someone with firsthand knowledge. A person could also create a primary source about the time an event occurs. Printed primary source is a source that is transcribed, abstracted, and published by an editor. Secondary sources are anything that is not included in printed/primary sources (Mills 22).

Sources can be artifacts, books, digital files, documents, film, people, photographs, recordings, and websites. Using these sources will help the researcher to utilize the four key parts that pertain to researching genealogy. The key parts are sources, information, evidence, and proof. There is a “3 Sources Rule” in genealogy research. To prove the fact that is stated, one must prove the fact with three different sources (Mills 28).

My sources for the facts presented:

Mills, Elizabeth Shown. Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace Second Edition.  Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Company, 2009.

Mills, Elizabeth Shown. “Skillbuilding: Citing Your Sources.” OnBoard Newsletter September 1995. Board for Certification of Genealogists. 26 April 2012 .


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