Excitment on the 2nd Section of No. 7

I was looking for an obituary in the 1881 Elkhart Review newspaper from Elkhart, Indiana. I never found the obit I was looking for, but found a train story for all you train “buffs”!!

Yesterday noon, when the 2nd section of No. 7 arrived here, a number of emigrants got off and went into the Eating House to procure articles of food, and one of them, a young woman, was detained in some way, and did not notice that the train started until it was getting under headway. She then ran and tried to get upon the platform of a car, on which several men were standing, some of whom put out their hands and grasped hers.

As she was nearly up they loosened their hold upon her and she fell back, but gathering herself made another attempt. Again the hands were outstretched, grasped hers, loosened, and again she fell, the car wheels missing her feet but a few inches. But she scrambled up, and made another dash for the train, which was now getting under full headway, and wound up in all probability have been thrown under it had not the Baggageman Barber ran and seized her.

At this point Yard-master Harkness jumped aboard the train and by pulling the bell-cord had the train stopped, when the young woman was placed among her friends. But for the promptness of Mr. Barner, a sad-accident might have occurred.

Elkhart Review  May 9, 1881    Elkhart, Indiana

They had a whole section for train news in this paper, since Elkhart was the biggest hub in the world. I love the hyphenated words and the train titles the men held that saved the girl!! Those railroaders had/have their own “culture”!!

On the other hand, the girl had spunk to try to jump a moving train! Almost sounds like a movie plot.


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