50 Years of Christmas Ornaments

The first year I was born, my Grandmother Marion made me a Christmas Ornament,  and then began to send me one every Christmas. The ornaments had my name and year incorporated on them so we would all know who, what, and when the ornaments came about.

After years and years, many of my ornaments have come apart or just disintegrated, but I still have a cherish few that has stayed intact for each Christmas. I also have other ornaments that we pass down to each generation in our family, which I will display here.

This is another resource for researching our genealogy! Many Grandmas, Aunts, Mothers, and school children make ornaments every year. The dates and names can help us with clues of the different ancestors who are now deceased.

(Just another meaningful and fun idea/lesson on researching our ancestors.)

Decorating the Christmas Tree in the 1930’s


About hoosierbeth

I have been researching my ancestors, your ancestors and everybody else's since 1981.
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