Experiences in Moving my Genealogy Research

I have dedicated a room in my house for my office. I gathered everything genealogical  around the house and have put it in the small room upstairs. I still have boxes that need sorting  since I moved them upstairs the past 4 months.

You know what is in them????? Nothing but papers and genealogy stuff.  I never realized how much stuff I had until I put it all in one place and in one pile!! I have thrown two 30 gallon trash bags out with some of the stuff/paper I have collected over the years, which is outdated information, or just me hoarding  information.

I need one more 4 drawer filing cabinet, and I should have everything in place.

What a task!  When I die ( in years to come), I told my husband and kids just to haul those filing cabinets down to the local genealogy library the genealogy society has established, and let others have access to all the Elkhart history/genealogy I have accumulated through the years!! The family can keep our family files if they want, if not, just leave them in the cabinets. They will already be organized; all the society has to do is find a small spot to put the two cabinets out on the library’s floor!!


About hoosierbeth

I have been researching my ancestors, your ancestors and everybody else's since 1981.
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  1. hoosierbeth says:

    Wow!! Three bloggers are following me!! Thank you so much for taking time out to read and explore my blog!

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