Spring = Graveyard Huntin’!

Spring is almost here and I will be graveyard huntin’ soon. I have a few projects that I am organizing for this spring and I will post my progress and successes.

One of the projects I would like to carry out is taking pictures of the stones in Yellow Creek Brick Cemetery, Yellow Creek Frame Cemetery, and Old Yellow Creek Burying Ground.  I am a volunteer for  Find A Grave (www.findagrave.com) website for Elkhart County and many of the gravestone requests are for Yellow Creek Frame and Yellow Creek Brick cemeteries. I would like to take pictures of the stones, and find the obituaries that go with the people buried there. When I receive a request for a stone at either of the three cemeteries, I will be able to contribute a picture and an obituary.

The other project is attending the Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology’s gravestone preservation workshop, which is on a weekend sometime in the near future. I emailed and asked for information on the workshop and they replied that they would contact me when it is time to register. The workshop will teach me how to clean and repair gravestones.


About hoosierbeth

I have been researching my ancestors, your ancestors and everybody else's since 1981.
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