Old Poetry from New Hampshire

Researching through old newspaper, I come across interesting tidbits. I posted about a newspaper article describing my ancestors dancing the Monie Musk at a family reunion in the early 1900s.  A few pages past their article, I found this poem a reader sent to the newspaper and the publisher printed it. I have transcribed it to post here:

The old Time Country Dance
By The “Cracker”
Thursday, January 17, 1924
Cape Vincent Eagle
Cape Vincent, New York

I’m sitting tonight by the fireside bright,
Where the oaken embers glow
And smoke my pipe by their cheerful
Light and dream of long ago,
And my thoughts have sped to an old farmstead,
Where many youngsters prance;
And I hear the peal of the jig and reel of the old time country dance.
Again I beat with a nimble feet,
The time of old Zip Coon;
By the hand I clasp a buxom lass,
And glide around the room,
The fiddler calls in a rasping drawl; as harsh as a cross cut saw;
“To join hands, and Alemade, to the right; do-se-do.”
With youthful zest we laugh and jest,
As we hop to the fiddle’s squeal; and
Our feet take wings to the Highland fling
And the old “Virginny” reel.
And the midnight hours’ not lost its power,
There’s the steaming coffee pot;
And in its wake comes the chocolate cake,
And beans from the hot oven. 
And now once more as in days of yore
(tho’ ‘tis but a dream of course); I’ve been back there with
The lassies fair, at the Susquehanna’s source,
Tho’ ‘tis a dream to me it
Seems that dreams might come to pass;
That we might meet and toss our feet again
As in times past,
In wholesome glee and revelry,’ an evening’s pleasure finds;
And tune our heels to the Irish reels,
And “The Girl I Left Behind”
‘ere my harp strings twang with golden band, and I
Roost upon a cloud; I’d kick up dust,
In the Money Musk, once more with
That old crowd.


About hoosierbeth

I have been researching my ancestors, your ancestors and everybody else's since 1981.
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2 Responses to Old Poetry from New Hampshire

  1. What a delightful poem about youthful memories. I remember my grandma showing me what she could still dance of the Charleston. 🙂

  2. hoosierbeth says:

    That’s funny!! My Grandma Marion from Chicago used to dance the Charleston and another dance (I forgot the name of it) whenever there was a family gathering!

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