Morgan Young Jr. Grave Marking~~ Revolutionary War Veteran

Morgan Young Jr. Grave Marking

I am a member of the William Tuffs Chapter of the NSDAR from Elkhart County, Indiana. One of our chapters in the next county over dedicated a grave marker with a ceremony. The chapter invited the public and other NSDAR chapters to attend. The official title of the grave marking:

The LaGrange de LaFayette Chapter

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Grave Marker Dedication Service


Morgan Young, Jr.

First Serving as a Water Boy to George Washington


I wondered what a grave marker dedication curtailed. Knowing my daughter and eight-year-old grandson would want to come along on the adventure, I RSVP’d the three of us for the Sunday, September 19, ceremony. The ceremony located in Howe, LaGrange County, Indiana, was held a little ways out of town as we followed the directions sent to us by e-mail.

 Arriving at our destination, we viewed a small country church with a small graveyard connected. Surprised at the large turnout, I watched the DAR Ladies bustle about the small area preparing for the dedication. After we signed the guest book, we strolled through the front part of the old cemetery before the ceremony began. I felt the church radiate history and stories of days gone by.

The guest of honor was Morgan Young Jr. and his wife Jane Losey Young. They are buried together in the Pretty Prairie Cemetery located in Howe, Indiana. Morgan was born January 1762 in New Jersey. His parents came from Scotland to settle in the New World. 

Morgan Jr. was around 14 years of age when he joined the cause and served as a water boy for General Washington and his officers. During the deadly cold winter, Morgan Jr. was sent home to outfit him with warmer clothes. His mother spun the cloth and sewed a new set of clothes for Morgan before she promptly sent him back to the battlefront. Morgan’s military career consisted of fighting with General Sterling on Staten Island, fought against the British during the hard winter of 1779, and “went over the ice” of the Delaware.

After the war, Morgan married Jane Losey who was from Holland. He moved his family from New Jersey to Pennsylvania; from Pennsylvania to Ohio; and finally from Ohio to LaGrange County, Indiana. His children were Abraham, John, George, Henry, and Losey. His descendants still live in Lagrange County. Other descendants traveled from Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Maryland to congregate at the gathering.

We said the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of the ceremony. The Ladies unveiled the plaque, read Morgan’s biography, and said a prayer for Morgan and people assembled. Before the introductions of the descendants, the Ladies presented a small thank you gift to all the veterans in the gathering. After the ceremony, we were invited to the church for a reception where delicious finger sandwiches and treats were offered. The descendants presented the Ladies with a notebook of the Young Family Genealogy.

The delightful day encouraged me to contemplate the hardships our ancestors went through to make this country great. I also felt proud to be a part of the DAR. The Ladies of the LaGrange Chapter have helped to remind us all how we should be grateful to the ancestors who helped us enjoy the freedom we have today.

Morgan Young Jr. Plaque

Morgan Young Jr. stone and Plaque

Pledge of Allegiance

Pretty Prairie Cemetery

Pretty Prairie United Methodist Church


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